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The crimpers

The smaller MURSKA crimpers are better suited for the farmer who wishes to crimp home-grown grain. The stronger and bigger KORTE machines are better suited for the agricultural contractor. Both machine types can be used for dry rolling and for moist grain crimping.


Murska 350S

The smallest of the range of six crimper models. Designed for the smaller farmer who uses it as an on-farm feed processor and who would rather not rely on a contractor, the Murska 350S has a crimping output of 5 tonnes per hour of moist cereals and approximately 4 tonnes per hour when used for dry rolling. The hardened steel rollers have a working life of up to 6000 tonnes. Transported on a tractor three-point linkage and normally powered by the tractors pto, power requirement is 30 - 40 hp. The 350S can also be powered by an electric motor. Hopper capacity is 2800 litres.

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Murska 700S

Double the capacity of the 350S, the 700 is ideal for the bigger farm where higher tonnage and outputs are required. Power requirement for this machine is 60-70 hp from either the tractor pto or an electric motor. As with its smaller brother, the 700S has belt- driven rollers and, as well as being a first rate moist grain crimper, is also ideal for processing all dry combinable crops.

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Korte 700S2 HD

As well as crimping moist cereals, all our crimpers are ideal dry rollers. They are faster than most existing roller mills and produce kibbled grain as seen below. The smallest of the heavy duty range of crimpers designed specifically for UK conditions, the 700S2 HD is ideal for large farms or smaller contracting operators.

The gear driven, Piko hardened, high tensile steel rollers have a throughput of many thousands of tonnes of processed feed. Output is up to 12 tonnes per hour on moist grain, and up to 8 tonnes per hour on dry grain. Power requirement is 70- 80hp.

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Korte 1000S2 HD

Next in the heavy duty line-up from Korte, the 1000S2 HD has a similar specification to the 700S2 HD but the wider rollers give an increased output of up to 18 tonnes per hour on moist grain. This machine will require an 80-9Ohp tractor to power it efficiently. With output of 12 tonnes per hour on dry materials the 1000S2 HD is also the ideal processing tool for feed blending plants. The Korte 1000 shown on the left is mounted on the optional trailer (made in Somerset to order).

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Korte 1400S2x2

The 1400 S2x2 has a unique configuration of four gear-driven rollers, giving output of moist grain of up to 30 tonnes per hour with a power requirement of 100-110hp. Mounted on its own wheeled chassis, the 1400S 2x2 is ideal for contractors with large tonnage to process in a short time. The suspension system allows for faster travelling between jobs.

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Korte 2000S2x2

The world's biggest Crimper

If you're serious about crimping then this is the model to get. Of similar specification to the 1400 S2x2, but with an output of over 40 tonnes per hour, a power requirement of 120- 130hp, the Korte 2000 S2x2 is, as far as we know, the biggest crimping machine in the world.

So far two have been made; one bought by Harry Wilson in Lancashire, probably the largest contractor in the north; and the other by Gerry Down at Wincanton, shown to the right.

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